Forest CLT homes will be available at a range of prices, both for low-cost rent and affordable ownership. Our members come from very different backgrounds and financial circumstances, but are united by a commitment to our borough, the CLT’s mission and a fairer housing system. We believe this mix creates a strong, successful community, and will be reflected in the homes we build.

Whether you are a private renter looking for a secure long-term place to call home, a social renter hoping to live in an energy-efficient property, an aspiring first-time buyer struggling to afford high local house prices, or an existing homeowner seeking a more community-minded way of living, we aim to create a place for you.

Walthamstow Station

We are committed to providing as many low-cost rented homes as is financially viable in each project. All Forest CLT homes will have equal standards of quality, regardless of whether you own or rent. We don’t believe in dividing people based on their financial circumstances and shared spaces will be accessible to all residents equally. Our business plan recognises the need for homes for ownership, in addition to homes for long-term rent, in order to deliver financially viable projects.

Affordability in perpetuity is a key part of our mission: if you buy a Forest CLT home and its value increases you will not be able to make a large profit, meaning our homes will stay accessible and affordable for future generations.

What our members say

“I think it’s brilliant, and we have to build housing that creates the society we want, not driven by profit.”

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Next steps

Are you passionate about truly affordable housing, sustainability and community? This is how you can help.