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Joe Cartwright

Fundraising lead

I joined Forest CLT as I believe that a vibrant, mixed community is what makes Waltham Forest great, and good quality, affordable homes are key to that.

Team: Fundraising

Skills you bring to FCLT: I'm a generalist but willing to help out wherever I can

Laura Snoad

Assistant secretary

Insecure, expensive housing has become the norm in London but CLTs offer an opportunity to fight back. Imagine neighbourhoods that are affordable, green and fun to live in, run by the community.

Team: Communications

Skills I bring to FCLT: Research, communications and PR, events planning

Trish Willock

Board Member

I joined Forest CLT to support the vision of bringing affordable homes to life in the borough I've lived in my whole life. I’m passionate about making sure our diverse community is truly represented.

Team: Projects

Skills I bring to FCLT:Extensive knowledge of E17 voluntary and statutory sector. As a mental health occupational therapist, I bring experience of making sure housing keeps people with disabilities as independent as possible.

Jack Bennett

Community Hub lead

The project aligns with my values of fairness and resourcefulness. I want to enable local people to make well-informed decisions about development in their neighbourhood. I have also made lots of great friends.

Team: Community Hub

Skills I bring to FCLT: Architecture (design and project management), urban design, participatory design and decision making

Hannah Crosson


I am a single parent local renter and joined FCLT in Summer 2019. I want to help build secure community housing so my child can grow up in the borough we call home.

Teams: Fundraising and Finance

Skills I bring to FCLT: Finance, project and event management

Andrea Turner

Board member

I like the idea of developing a unique housing environment created around its residents and the local community.

Team: Outreach

Skills I bring to FCLT: Business skills

Tanja Pfitzner


I am convinced that community living is key for a better world. Making us truly empathic, getting to know other ways of living through a form of co-living will lead to a fairer world. Undemocratic land ownership and land speculation are leading to unsustainable and unaffordable development. Community land trusts are a vehicle for good quality affordable housing in the long run. Empowerment of the people through community.

Team: Projects

Skills I bring to FCLT: Architect. Mother

Sue Higgins

Comms lead

I’m a third generation Walthamstow resident and, along with many others, I have experienced the problems caused by the housing crisis. I believe that community-led housing projects provide a creative opportunity to do things differently.

Team: Outreach and Communications

Skills I bring to FCLT: Admin, communications


Tree member

I believe having access to a good quality, affordable home is a basic human right. This basic right is not available to many in our community. I want to help to change housing being viewed as a commodity and shift the language and action of creating and maintaining homes to one that is inclusive and accessible, now and forever.

Team: Communications and Outreach

Skills I bring to FCLT: Website design, visual communications, design thinking and human-centred design approaches

Roland Karthaus

Board member

A long term resident of the Borough, I want to make housing better, more local and more affordable for people from all walks of life.

Team: Projects

Skills I bring to FCLT: I am and architect and company director with public engagement experience


Tree member

I have lived in London almost 30 years. When I came here, it was still affordable to have a "normal" salary and rent a nice place for your family. But since then property prices have skyrocketed and so have the rents. I have seen how small companies and shops have failed due to increasing rent hikes. Toy libraries and community spaces been forced to close down. If we don't act now to protect our communities, this city will lose its diversity and soul. FCLT's aim is not just to build affordable housing, it is also to create community hubs.

Team: Finance

Skills you bring to FCLT: Accounts skills and passion for connecting our community together.

Louise Kendrick

Board member

I joined Forest CLT to have some control over my own and local housing needs by helping to build genuinely affordable and secure community-led housing that will benefit residents for generations to come.

Team: Outreach

Skills I bring to FCLT: Research, enthusiasm, initiative, a willingness to learn from others

Najla Jaber


Walthamstow is where I have family. I could not meet the requirements to rent a property and the condition of homes being rented out privately to the desperate is devastating. Everyone deserves a decent home – this is achievable through a CLT.

Skills I bring to FCLT: Organisation

Sem Lee

Leaf member

I joined because I wanted to get involved in projects related to re-shaping affordable housing and community engagement in Waltham Forest.

Team: Community Hub

Skills I bring to FCLT: Project management, business and market research, human-centred and inclusive design. I am also very keen to be involved in community organising


Tree member

I am passionate about the importance of community in people’s wellbeing, especially in our technological era. I am helping Forest CLT design a Community Hub that will be accessible not only to residents, but also to the local community.

Team: Community Hub

Skills I bring to FCLT: Communication skills and a background in psychology

HuiJuan Zhao


I can’t agree more with the mission of FCLT and would like to contribute my skills and experience to build sustainable and affordable houses in my community.

Team: Finance

Skills I bring to FCLT: Financial operations, budgeting and accounting knowledge in both private and non-for-profit sectors

Chris Carthy

Projects lead

My day job as a housing development consultant means I’ve spent the last five years working on community-led projects elsewhere in London and the UK, and I’m determined to see affordable, sustainable community land trust homes built in my home borough.

Team: Projects

Skills I bring to FCLT: I’m an experienced development project manager, accredited Community Led Housing Enabler and registered architect. I also have some experience fundraising for community initiatives.

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