Who we are

What is Forest CLT?

In brief

Forest CLT is a Community Land Trust for Waltham Forest.

Our mission is to provide truly affordable, sustainable housing for local people and community spaces for everyone.

We’re a housing organisation with a difference: we’re a group of residents creating genuinely affordable homes for local people to rent and buy, built by the community for the community, and not for profit. What’s more, Forest CLT will be the long-term guardian of these homes and spaces, meaning they will stay affordable and accessible for future generations. 

Houses in Walthamstow

We were founded in 2018 when two groups of local residents came together with a shared desire to tackle the housing crisis with people power. We’re now a lively and growing membership organisation with more than 150 members, including an 11-strong board of trustees and a range of smaller teams that work on different aspects of our projects, from architecture to outreach.

Since our beginnings we have gained support from Waltham Forest Council, we’ve successfully fundraised for an ever-expanding programme and have built positive ties with local organisations including schools, charities and community groups. Our members already speak about the skills and confidence they have gained from being involved in Forest CLT. Everyone who lives, works or volunteers in Waltham Forest is welcome to join us on our journey to create inclusive places to live and belong.

Street photo in Waltham Forest
What our members say

“I believe living within a community that feels like a community is an
essential part of life that is missing.”

Forest CLT meeting

Next steps

Are you passionate about truly affordable housing, sustainability and community? This is how you can help.