Am I eligible?

Homes will be allocated through a formal process during the development phase of each project. Our members are currently working together to create a fair and easy-to-understand structure for this, called our Allocations Policy, which will be online here in full soon.

At the moment to be eligible for a Forest CLT home you need to:


Have lived or worked in Waltham Forest for at least two years, or have a significant family connection


Be able to afford a CLT home (including any housing benefit for rental homes), but not be able to afford a similar home on the open market


Be a member of Forest CLT and contribute to the project

If there are more applicants than homes available of any tenure or type, we are planning that homes will be allocated according to the contribution made towards the Forest CLT project. We encourage every Forest CLT member to get involved in the planning and development of our projects, but this is especially important if you intend to apply for a home with us.

For social rented homes, we expect to reach an agreement with Waltham Forest Council for allocating a proportion of our homes through the council’s nominations policy. We anticipate that priority will be given to those in the greatest need, or to families in existing social housing who can free up their current dwelling by moving to a new Forest CLT home.

What our members say

“I want to help make access to housing in our borough more equal and sustainable.”

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Next steps

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